Student Analyzer

Lost in a world of data?

Explore education equity issues, respond to demographic K-12 community trends and get informed on your school capacity using an interactive map

Key Benefits

Explore equity issues

- View student data for instant analysis

Community trends revealed

- Analyze enrollment data for several academic years

Quicker / factual decisions

- Transform dispersed data into unbiased insights

School capacity informed

- Obtain insights via an interactive map

Who is it for?

School District personnel involved in planning, transportation, food services, geospatial services, as well as anyone interested in the local student demographics

How does it work?

Your student and school data are fed into ARIA and enriched with census trac. You can then access the ARIA Student Analyzer via a secure link in your browser

Some features of the ARIA School Analyzer

Answers in seconds

Over- or under-enrolled schools? How many students are assigned to that particular school? Where do they live?

Obtain instant feedback to aid in determining crucial school community needs.

Community understanding

How many students are assigned to a particular school by grade level? Where do they live?

Unbiased info instantly

Interested in how race, gender, or social economic status are distributed in a community?

Get the facts promptly. Export into several formats.

Support key decisions

Imagine there is a new middle school opening next year; you may wonder what your current 5th grade population is as they will go to 6th next year.

Draw a quick polygon and find answers to plan your next year.

Inform future needs

Compare demographics over time.

ARIA holds multiple data sets (e.g. day 10th, 20th, … 160th) for multiple academic years, powering you to compare data over a particular PiT (Point in Time).

Want to know more?

The above are just a few features of the ARIA Student Analyzer. ARIA can be tailored regardless of district size.

Book a demo or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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