School Planning

Plan Wisely

Optimize school boundaries, create new schools or reassign students. Run 'what-if' boundary change scenarios, get instant feedback, and review with colleagues

Key Benefits

Define boundaries

- Draw polygons on a district map and run 'what if' boundary scenarios in seconds

Understand school plans

- Assess how new schools or closure of a school impact your students

Adapt to new developments

- Evaluate the impact of new housing. Reassign enrollment areas as needed

Student zones optimized

- Update school zones in real-time. Share and discuss scenarios with colleagues

Plan with confidence

- Simulate students moving schools. Obtain insights on an interactive map

Plan for the future

- Compare demographics over time. Plan for population growth or decline

Who is it for?

Planners, GIS Specialists and anyone interested in improving school planning decision-confidence

How does it work?

Your student and school data are fed into ARIA. You can then access the ARIA School Planning via a secure link in your browser

Some features of the ARIA School Planning

Student movement simulation

Choose a grade level (e.g. elementary) and model moving the kids from one school to another school, then domino that.

Understand density effects in real-time.

Collaborate on scenario planning

Draw how students can be moved from school A and school B to school C using a polygon. Share it with colleagues and ask: "What do you think of this scenario?" What am I missing?”

Analyze the impact of creating new schools

Draw a polygon on a zone of interest, and simulate creating a school (e.g. a new middle).

Determine potential school assignment with demographic information.

Plan for the future

Compare and contrast demographic changes across time, by visualizing the enrollment of a potential school at a particular point in time (e.g. your 40th day).

Want to know more?

The above are just a few features of the ARIA School Planning. ARIA can be tailored regardless of district size.

Book a demo or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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