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Find Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools near you in seconds!

Search by address or school name

Enter an address of interest and hit the ‘Search Schools’ button or click over ‘Search by School Name’, enter the name of a school of interest and search (*)

(*) this feature is currently providing information only to people interested for schooling at Hillsborough County (Florida)

ARIA School Locator - Know where you stand

Empowering parents with 24/7 access to school options on an interactive map

Make informed decisions about your kid’s school

Explore school options before moving

Shorten the time it takes to know school options

Obtain school contact details quickly

Have a website that could benefit from the School Locator?

Give your community or customers an easy-to-use, interactive map to find their schooling options instantaneously!


Knowing what type of education is available in a given area is important for parents.

Brokers, realtors and community leaders: The ARIA School Locator can be integrated in a few minutes into your own website to display schools near a particular address. If you want to know more…

We believe that simplifying data analysis and enabling rapid decision-making for all School Districts can make the world a better place. Altamira is on a mission ...

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