Analytical Reporting

Gain perspective

Transform data clutter into charts in seconds to facilitate informed decision-making, understand trends, and foster analysis

Key Benefits

Greatest needs identified

- Identify assignments vs. enrollments gaps
- See residential developments that push school over capacity

Support district decisions

- Get insight into where your students go
- Question the needs for new schools

Defendable decisions

- Boundaries fact-supported
- Blend data/geographic analysis

Power collaboration

- Export/print in several formats
- Share insights with colleagues

Analysis sharpened

- Multi-attribute filtering. Select specific school / student data

IT dependency removed

- Gain self-sufficiency using your own district data

Who is it for?

Superintendents, planners, district leaders, GIS Specialists and anyone wishing to optimize school planning, budgeting and enrollment forecasting

How does it work?

Your student and school data are fed into ARIA. You can then access the ARIA Analytical Reporting via your browser securely

Some features of the ARIA Analytical Reporting

Identify your most pressing needs

Run an enrollment report with a couple of clicks. Find out which residential developments will push capacity at each of your schools.

Determine the exact deficit in seats per school and take preventative actions.

Which schools are over/under capacity?

Report on number of students assigned vs where they enroll.

Get insight into where your students attend.

Obtain the facts you need to decide whether to open a school or change your boundary.

Where are students assigned vs where do they enroll ?

Run a mobility report instantly. Pick one or more schools where your students are enrolled at.

Enrich the analysis with information such as grade and ethnicity.

Save, export and share your reports

Looking to reuse reports outputs? Want to collaborate with a colleague?

Reports can be exported in Excel, PDF, Power Point and Word format (among others).

Compare and contrast across time

Compare your report outputs across time through multiple datasets.

Reveal trends, inform your district and take preventive action early.

Model flow of students throughout PK-12

Run an articulation report and simulate what would happen if all current students moved throughout PK-12. Are all pupils covered by your school's capacity? Answers in a flash.

How are charter schools impacting your schools?

Run a charter in / out report to trace the number of students captured by charter schools, for specific school boundaries.

Identify areas that need more attention for further action.

Want to know more?

The above are just a few features of the ARIA Analytical Reporting. ARIA can be tailored regardless of district size.

Book a demo or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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